January 17, 2007

Loving What's Moi

That wascally wabbit Jamie Reynolds went and tapped me back for another game of "blog tag," albeit with another rather Workie twist. This time I was asked to name five things I love about myself. Not to boast, but when I do my work and take a time-out from my second career as a self-flagelator, there's actually quite a lot that's pretty darn cool about me. Here are a half dozen instead of five, because, as Byron Katie might say about those genuine examples of each turnaround, "If you can find five, you can find six," and so on. I invite you to do the same, especially if you are Stephanie, Annie, Nancy, Patty, and

1. I love that I'm so entertaining. Sometimes this bites me in the butt—I've been known to get "schticky" when I'm feeling too vulnerable...and I'm working on it—but you can almost always count on me for a song, a quick and clever quip, or to leave you winded and aching from laughter after you've heard me sing "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" as Julie Andrews...or "I'm Zo Ex-zited" as Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

2. I love my willingness. Self inquiry isn't always a picnic in the park, but more often than not I am willing and often excited to upend those big rocks and find the slimy stuff beneath them. It frees me and I love that. I think I am most courageous to go to the places I go, to feel the feelings after so many years of trying to override them or stuff them down.

3. I love my writing. Don't all writers write primarily for themselves? I do...and I think it's good stuff! If I didn't, I'd never post it here. And if I didn't write for myself, I'd still be writing junk mail, or perhaps penning potboilers (under a pseudonym) for big bucks. As a youngster I wanted to be the next Rona Jaffee, but these days, though I think I could easily learn the formulas and get someone to photograph me for the dust jacket in a negligee through several layers of Vaseline, it's not in my integrity to do so. Except...it would almost be worth it to have a book called The Mistress of Arts, about a slutty Master's candidate at a prestigious university who sleeps her way to the Ph.D. (I first thought of this when I was a virginal albeit lustful Master's candidate at a prestigious university who did no such thing.)

4. I love that I have made friends with depression.
No more victimhood, yippee! It has been a most interesting spiritual path, having depression as a guru...and truly I would not trade in this life for another. Transformational Inquiry: Working with Depression is soon to be a major eBook, available at clearlifesolutions.com.)

5. I love myself when I love you. I love the openness of it, the joy, the connection, the kindness and gratitude. I love the sweetness and consideration and compassion of showing up as love embodied. I am so nice to be around when I'm that way! I'm totally enjoying my own company and calling it "you." It just brings home the whole nonduality mirror thing: how could we recognize wonderfulness in another if we weren't that?

6. I love my vulnerability. Sometimes. Still working on it. I still think, at times, that I should suck it up and deal...that I shouldn't be so sensitive and take things so personally. But gosh...I get more fan letters when I open up here. And it is such a relief to be able to do that.

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Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Carol, Thank you so much for the tag and for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Did you know that I'm a big Byron Katie fan -- is that how you came to my blog? I try to practice inquiry every day -- some days I don't manage to, but still, you know... I'll be at her School in LA in April as her and her husband Stephen's guest, a boon that dropped in my lap out of the absolute blue a few months ago after they read a blog post of mine about Katie: http://richardlawrencecohen.blogspot.com/2006/06/im-in-love.html.
It was the most surprising and wonderful gift I've ever received, and I can hardly wait for the School experience.

I like your list of six, especially #4. Forgive me for not playing along with the tag. I'm really not blogging, and if I were to take up a creative writing project it would be a book I've already nmostly written. But thank you again.