March 8, 2007

He's Free! And We Are Being Served

John Inman, a.k.a. Mr. Humphries on the 1970s BBC comedy show "Are You Being Served?" passed away today. He was 71 years old. I have long adored this talented actor and his hilarious portrayal of a campy, sweet natured department store menswear clerk.

Inman's cheerful, breezy rendition of the simple line, "I'm free!" became a catchphrase among "Are You Being Served?" fans.

I'd like this to be my own catchphrase, one day. And to serve as this lovely man continues to do. Rest in peace, Mr. Humphries. As his elderly boss "Young" Mr. Grace might say, "You've done very well!"

©2007 by Carol L. Skolnick. All rights reserved.

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Tim said...

"Are You Being Served?" was one of my favourite sitcoms which I watched while growing up here in the UK as a 'Seventies Kid'.

It was a classic British sitcom, was very camp, and laden with innuendo (with regular references being made to Mrs. Slocomb's pussy)