April 20, 2008

Focus on Facilitation: Deep Listening Leads to Client Clarity

Fair to say that we've all held the belief "There's something wrong with me"? And that those who facilitate inquiry have at one time or another worked with someone on this belief?

Check out this wonderful video clip, recently added to TheWork.com.

Watch how Katie homes in on the client's subtle dodge. Did you catch the client justifying in that moment? (I didn't.) And in pointing it out, the client goes ever-so-deeply into the heart of the matter.

I notice in watching this how I, as a CLIENT, move from inquiry when I want to explain my answer beyond simply stating exactly how I react.

Another thought I had about this facilitation is how easy it is for a piece on this thought to become fluffy and affirmative in the turnarounds, and how Katie's close attention as facilitator holds the space for the client's clarity to emerge instead.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece.

©2008 by Carol L. Skolnick; all rights reserved.

1 comment:

Marianne said...

This is a lovely video and I've watched it about 5 times now. I cry every time.

I also love to find Easter eggs that I've hidden from myself all these years. :) Researching on what is right with me and the world is a new and delightful experience.