July 23, 2008

Hey, It Could Be Worse!

Just spotted at "News of The Weird"...

"While Iran's leaders saber-rattle and quote the Quran, the country's multitudes of young adults are embracing New Age self-help, as exemplified by the best-selling books and sold-out seminars of motivational guru Alireza Azmandian, according to a June Wall Street Journal dispatch from Tehran. Though young adults in Turkey and Egypt have stepped up their religious fervor, that is not so in Iran. Said a 25-year-old aerospace engineer: 'Religion doesn't offer me answers anymore,' but '(Azmandian's) seminar changed my life.' The Oprah Winfrey-touted book 'The Secret' is in its 10th printing in Farsi; yoga and meditation are big; and advertising abounds on the virtues of feng shui and financial management." [Wall Street Journal, 6-30-08]

I guess I prefer The Secret to saber-rattling, although I'm not quite sure why... :)

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Jon said...

Until you know that saber-rattling is equal to The Secret, you live in fear! :-)

Ho ho ho,

With love :-)

Carol L. Skolnick said...

On second thoought, I live more in fear of new-age nonsenses like The Secret than in fear of saber-rattlers. I'm not sure why this is so either!