October 22, 2008

Is This Guy Enlightened or What?

I just read this wonderful interview at the BoingBoing website with "Dr. Housing Bubble," a SoCal real estate blogger who, while he predicts the economy going even lower, suggests we not panic; what a concept!

Here's the best part:

"Ultimately what most fear right now is instability and I can understand that. Keep yourself healthy (both mentally and physically), spend time with those you care about, and remember that we will come out of this but it is important to figure out how we want our future to look. If we make moves out of fear, our future will reflect action taken in fear. If we make logical decisions and follow courses of action based on clear thinking, we will have a better chance of improving our current situation. It really is up to us and that should make anyone feel empowered."


Tiko|Peace-Joy-Love said...

I love this! This is great...it is so important to make clear headed decisions. Thanks so much for sharing this article...:)

Jon said...

Hi Carol,

I haven't read the full interview, just the part you've posted here.

Doesn't seem that enlightened to me - it's still a future-based concept - it seems to be based on acting clearly to get out of what is called the current instability to something else.

Of course, I may be completely wrong - and it doesn't mean the guy isn't enlightened either - whatever that is! :-)

Much love to you,

Jon x

Carol L. Skolnick said...


Well, I did't mean mountain-top style enlightened! Yes, what he says is future-based - "it is important to figure out how we want our future to look"- I'd overlooked that little detail :).

I think that balances out however when he says if we act out of clear thinking, we have a better chance of coming out of this with our shirts. Or not, of course...but consider the alternative, living in fear instead. That's pretty enlightened form the perspective of someone (like me) who still believes in a future.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Yes I agree - and the reality seems to be that we lose our shirt at some point - sooner or later, no matter what.

I guess I notice a motive in there, clear thinking leading to more chance of keeping our shirts - and I'm just being picky :-)

Much love,

Jon x