April 30, 2009

The Unfinished Line

(Note: at my workshops, I often use the metaphor of the loosening or loss of blinders as a result of inquiring into stressful beliefs.)

The Unfinished Line

by Carol L. Skolnick

At the starting gate, with blinders on,
My only direction is what I can see.

I ask, "Is it true?" and the blinders fly open.
And now, peripheral vision. Depth perception.

With each reversal, a wider horizon.
And something's behind me, above and below.
I can have this? And this? And this too?

The old path remains, if I still want to run there.
Everything is available...
Even not running at all.
Whose legs are these?

Funny thing...
This wider vista, dazzling, has no fuzzy edges.
Everything is so sharp and so clear;
So solid and so transparent.
It was always that way.

Why hadn't I noticed?

I close my eyes to the view.
The way home.
It doesn't go away.

The finish line.
The starting gate.


©2009 by Carol L. Skolnick. All rights reserved.

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Ady said...

Starting gate and finishing line... same. Makes me think of life as a cycle instead of a timeline. Interesting...