December 24, 2010

Merries and Happies

To my friends, clients and colleagues around the world...

I'm a big fan of fresh starts. I've always loved "back to school," "first day of Spring," and ringing in the New Year with the best of intentions.

Of course we need not wait until a certain date to make fresh starts. But if New Year's is your traditional resolution time, it's as good a time as any to set things into motion in a positive way.

I for one intend (I don't make resolutions, which I tend to break) to do what it takes to let the good things in my life grow, by reaching out, saying yes, moving in directions that feel good and true for me, facing my fears, cleaning up my messes, and dealing with my resentments. Not because I "should" do these things, but because I love how I feel when I do.

This year, I say "yes!" to is working directly with more people like you, who value the work of inquiry. I say "yes!" to more powerful collaborations with other coaches and practitioners and to more public speaking. "Yes!" to helping more couples overcome obstacles in their relationships and having more loving partnerships. "Yes!" to journeying with individuals who are ready to make big changes and would like support. "Yes!" to working with visionary leaders who know that a conscious and communicative workforce is a profitable workforce. Together, we are a force of nature who can make things happen!

In addition, I am committed to making my services available to more people who want to work with me on an ongoing basis but have limited means. Currently, through the end of 2011, I am offering prepaid 12-session packages to subscribers to my newsletter at a much rate lower than the one published on my website. Other arrangements are available for nonprofit groups and unemployed or underemployed individuals. (If you fit this description, please contact me through my website for more information.)

I am also committed to giving back. Throughout 2011, I will donate $10 of any contracted fee of $900 or more to one of several charities and foundations that I currently support: Partners In Health, Groundworks Opportunities, World Wildlife Fund, or the Institute for The Work.

I see this New Year as one where we can shake off whatever has been holding us back and move towards our own greatness...where the stories of the past do not prevent us from peace, prosperity, health and happiness in the here and now...where we can handle whatever comes with clarity and a strong center, and where we support each other in mutual service. Will you join me?

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Kevin Keelan said...

Such lovely intent! Thanks for sharing the best of yourself with the world carol. Looking forward to knowing you some day!