February 15, 2007

Need a Facilitator Right Now?

If you've visited The Work.com recently, you know about the Do The Work NetWork Hotline, where trained facilitators like myself from around the world volunteer our time over the telephone. We cover a lot of hours but just in case there's no one available to do inquiry with you at any given time...try this:

Oddcast Character Driven Communications

Just type in "Sweetheart, is it true that your mother doesn't love you?" or "How do you react when you believe the thought, There shouldn't be war in the world?" and press the "Say It!" button. The animated woman will ask you the question, looking deeply into your eyes. There's even a voice character named "Kate."

Bonus: there's no cross-talk unless you type it in.

Hmm. I may soon be out of a job.... :-)

©2007 by Carol L. Skolnick; all rights reserved.

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