May 11, 2007

Turn Your Mother Around

Katie: So, sweetheart, let's turn this whole thing around: "I"...

Woman: I am angry at myself because I am selfish, controlling, and manipulative.

Katie: Especially towards your mother....

If you believe your mother is controlling, you may want to watch this one before Mother's Day...and do a "Judge-Your-Mother" worksheet.

©2007 by Carol L. Skolnick; all rights reserved.


Andrew said...

I need a judge your father worksheet. You can read a recent post on my blog to find why. Take care and I found you via the next blog button. Mainly wanted to say hello.

Andrew in Alabama
The 4th Avenue Blues

John said...

I am the second in a family of twelve children. Any of my five sisters could have been the girl in this video. Actually, they could still be, couldn't they? Trading their painful yesterday stories in for a peaceful now that could be shared with their Mom and with their own children.

Mom used to say that she could tell when any of her girls were in therapy because the result was always an increase in phone calls and letters rehashing childhood stories that blamed her for their pain. They spent a lot of money to get help digging up stories that were neither true nor helpful to them.

Mom is 86 now and has been relieved of most of her painful stories through loss of memory. So, she is even more open to moments of just “being” with her children. And, since, she has trouble “holding up her end” of conversations, she especially loves when two or more of us chat in her presence (her speakerphone is perfect for doing this with one of us in her room and the other long-distant).

Thank you, Carol, for sharing this timely video.