May 21, 2007

Working on Your Work: The First Review Is In!

"My boss should..." "My clients don't..." "I have no skills." "I should be doing something else."

What keeps you from "Loving What's Biz?" With The Work of Byron Katie, you can create lasting and radical change in the workplace. (It works for me!) I'm just putting the final touches on a new eBook, a practical guide to applying inquiry to the world of work that could transform the way you relate to your job, your colleagues, your clients, your direct reports, and yourself as someone who works. It's filled with insights, exercises, Katie-quotes, and samples of actual facilitation sessions where clients unravel their stickiest beliefs about their careers.

Here's what spiritually-oriented career coach Tami Coyne writes about Transformational Inquiry: Working on Your Work:

"A breath of fresh air for those of us who need insight into the true nature of our work-related problems and a way out of our suffering. Unraveling our beliefs and our stories is the fastest and most effective way to live a happy, peaceful and successful life. I think everyone with or without a job should be required to read this eBook!"
—Rev. Dr. Tami Coyne, Career and Life Coach, author of
Your Life's Work: A Guide to a Spiritual and Successful
Work Life
; co-author of The Spiritual Chicks Question Everything: Learn to Risk, Release and Soar

This is the last chance to preorder this 94-page (so far!) eBook at $9.95. On June 1, the price goes up to $14.95.

Reserve your copy here.

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Marianne said...

I'm really looking forward to reading your new ebook on work, Miss Carol L.