September 5, 2007

"But Once...Is Not Enough!"

There's a post over at my web guru Dawud Miracle's site (a great blog for people doing their own internet marketing) about why email newsletters may be becoming passe. A few of us begged to differ, for a number of reasons worth checking out.

Here's why I have a newsletter, and why you might like to subscribe to it in addition to reading this blog.

* While I do archive articles from the newsletter here, there are also extras in Transformational Inquiry, my ezine, that only subscribers get to see...such as a slightly controversial piece this week, in which I point out the flaws in a coach/competitor's product...that is, if I had a competitor. :)

* If you are reading this because you love The Work, and you are interested in workshops or teleclasses with me, special discounts on facilitation sessions, "Katie-isms" overheard by myself and friends, and other such Worky thangs, the newsletter is the place to gather all those goodies, and stay on top of the event schedule.

* Subscriptions help me get to know my readership...who you are, where you're from, what you are reading in the newsletter, why you unsubscribe when you do. I realize this is more of a benefit for me than for you, but it's a good one! And really, it does help me to better serve my readership, and your feedback is always more than welcome.

(Headline courtesy of silly old movie, "Once Is Not Enough," based on eponymous silly best seller by Jacqueline Susann. I attended this film as a youngster with Annie Berrol, now Newman. Our misbehavior was a lot more entertaining than the film...except perhaps to the usher and fellow movie-goers.)

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