November 13, 2007

Mind-blower for Facilitators

"The more enlightened you get, the less you believe your client believes [their thoughts]." —Byron Katie


©2007 by Carol L. Skolnick; all rights reserved.


Marianne said...

True. I'm not a facilitator but when I realized what thoughts are and understood *mine*...the less I believe that other people are believers, unless they are. Reality just is, no matter what we think about it.

Anonymous said...

Here's where I go with this - it's all happening for me - including the people that I facilitate - they are just helping me to clean up my life by voicing them - so the less I am attached to those thoughts, the less reason there is to suppose they are attached to them - they are just doing it for me anyway :-)

Brian Adler said...

I heard her say this on the call the other day and it blew me away too. I was like, "Oh of course..that's how it could be not stressful at all to facilitate people." Or to relate to people in anyway. It helps me understand what she means when Katie says, "I know everyone loves me, I just don't expect *them* to know it.."

I have been noticing more and more that the available "list" of stressful beliefs I can inquire about is much larger than I believed..Truly anything stressful can be inquired into... Someone tells me they are angry with me I can inquire into the belief "they're angry with me" someone dies "they died" ANYTHING... there are no "off-limit" thoughts that are in some fundamental way "technically" true and so not appropriate for inquiry...


Carol L. Skolnick said...

Dear Brian,

Yes, that's it. "It's a table, is it true?" Not that this is a stressful thought for most of us, but I'm told we come to a point where even our names for things and the idea of the existence of those things feels like a lie. I've glimpsed it myself and it's a very sweet place to notice that life is but a dream, and we are all things in the dream...and not even that.