November 7, 2007

What Changed, Besides a Thought?

Babies with chubby legs are cute. Case in point; moi, 49 years ago.

Adults with chubby legs, or any other "imperfect" body part, do everything in their power to hide or get rid of them. Moi, 49 years later.


P.S. My Aunt B. says I haven't changed a bit.

©2007 by Carol L. Skolnick; all rights reserved.


Marianne said...

How adorable! I agree with your Auntie.

paul etcheverry said...

The thought "Carol has chubby legs" never occured to me. Neither would the thought that chubby legs banish adults from the pantheon of cuteness.

There's a 1960's home movie of me saying "that's all folks". Some things never change.

Fabrice said...

Well, Carol,

To be able to comment properly, I think you'd have to show us some of those 49-year old body parts, no?



Carol L. Skolnick said...

Gosh, I was inviting a philosophical discussion of why our judgments of such things change, but hey, I'll bite...

Marianne - You're right, in many ways I am quite the same. See below.

Paul - Well, I like your story about me better. :) I only wish I had audio/video of me (in a wheelchair, yet) at age 8 or 9 doing Bugs Bunny doing Lionel Barrymore. "You can't send that boy to prison!"

Fabrice - The gams will be on display, one night only, at the Actor's Theatre, Santa Cruz, Nov. 14, for 10 minutes. (I'm taking part of a show called "Spotlife," which consists of original solo performances. My piece is called "Thunderthighs: The Musical.) Should be fun, if I live through it!

Marianne said...

I hope that someone records a video of you next Wednesday. I would love to see it, if that happens.

therapydoc said...

Very cute, nice blog, and good luck with that bicycle. Remember-- there's no hurry to get anywhere-- take it slow. (I've posted a lot about my bike)