March 10, 2008

Peace AND Balance

Cats and dogs don't get along; and put a rat in front of a cat, and the cat sees lunch. Right?

Well, there's always an exception, and here's the exception.

I grew up with pets, and while the cats and dogs got along great, I never trusted the cats around the hamsters; they used to lick the little critters through the bars of the hamster cage. My mother said the cats were being affectionate; since our cats were mousers, I insisted they were sampling the merchandise. I would have continued to insist to this day, had I not met the resident pet rabbit and cat at a retreat house several years ago; an unlikely couple, they appeared to be in love.

Anyway, it seems that "natural enemies" don't have to be, and I like to think that peaceful co-existence is possible, as is a more balanced viewpoint. :)

©2008 by Carol L. Skolnick; all rights reserved.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carol,

Fun stuff - and of course, it's not personal, even if the cat starts to chase the rat and the dog starts to chase the cat - just doing what comes naturally :-)

With love, Jon