August 24, 2008

I'm Back from My Trip

Carol at left, friend Annie at right, sitting in our luxurious hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, wondering how on earth we're going to manage in real life without fawning service and foie gras.

Annie treated me to a marvelous outing in San Francisco and Napa in celebration of her upcoming 50th birthday. (We don't look a day over 35 in this photo, do we?) We stayed in schmancy digs, and ate at 5-star restaurants. I treated myself to a hoo-hah massage at a very posh spa in Yountville, just before having one of the most memorable dinners of my life at The French Laundry. I am now officially spoiled.

Vacations are better than real life, is that true? (Actually I'm glad to be home, and Annie is too!)

(Oh, of course that's not me. Everyone knows I never wear blue.)


anewman102 said...

Also, your hair is oddly flat.

Carol L. Skolnick said...

At least my bosom isn't.