August 7, 2008

So Nice, I'm Offering It Twice

In the spring, I had an "early-bird" special for my upcoming eBook, Transformational Inquiry: Asking Depression. The offer included a bonus eBook, Three Realizations That Changed My Life.

The gift eBook is now ready, and the reviews are in. "Fun to read." "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous." "Some great thoughts tucked in there." "Beautifully edited, and your photos are wonderful." "Absolutely delightful!" "Thank you so much for these realizations. I love them!" "This is a great book to savor a few pages of realizations at a time. Yum!"

And that's just the praise for the "appetizer."

So I am moved to offer another pre-publication special: if you pre-order Asking Depression by September 30, 2008 for $22.95 (that's a savings of $2.00), I will send you the PDF of Three Realizations to enjoy in the meantime...a collection of "Aha!" moments that changed the lives of some of my dear friends...among them life coaches, writers, musicians, artists, office workers, educators, students and teachers of spirituality, and fellow facilitators of The Work of Byron Katie.

This bonus eBook is not for sale separately.

For more information, and to pre-order Transformational Inquiry: Asking Depression plus the bonus eBook, visit
and reserve your copy before September 30, 2008.

©2008 by Carol L. Skolnick; all rights reserved.


Marianne said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for the ebook! Wow...I love the text from all your friends AND the beautiful photographs...did you take the photos?...This is a precious book.

Carol L. Skolnick said...

Yes, the photos are mine, thanks to no-brainer digital camera. :) I'm so glad you like it, Marianne!