August 28, 2008

A Response to Byron Katie on Oprah's Soul Series

A friend writes,

"Hi Carol,

I am not in agreement [with your writeup] after seeing Katie on Oprah....I did not find Katie presenting and doing The Work but a facsimile thereof. Where was the talk of our innocence, what we are willing to do for love? Instead I found her speaking like an intellectual instead of the warm loving woman who speaks from her heart and soul.

No, for me, I was sadly disappointed. And very grateful to Oprah's vulnerability and her open and willing ability to pull the conversation for the listener to a level of comprehension and understanding as a newcomer to The Work.

My suggestions would be to have Katie do some literal listening and answer the questions. To stay out of the mind and come from the heart and express from herenthusiasm...that is when she is a powerhouse and at her best."


I hear you, C. I like it also when Katie is not "presenting," and this was more of an interview than a facilitation. She had a limited amount of time to present the essence of what The Work is and where she is coming from. I've been in that position myself, and for me it is never as powerful as The Work alone, and it's what is indicated in the situation.

My thought is that not everyone can hear the talk of innocence and what we'll do for love. That is for us to find out for ourselves.

She also had Oprah as a host, and Oprah interrupts her guests, that's her job. Oprah was also being somewhat combative. I thought Katie did great in the face of this. I thought Oprah did great too; and there was a noticeable change in her after she answered the questions from the heart. Apparently Oprah was pleased and the response to the show was good; Katie said yesterday that more filming was happening.

I'm sure Katie would be open to hearing your suggestions for her, why not write and tell her? Meanwhile, I am going to take them to heart for myself. I want to be a literal listener and to answer the questions...and, when presenting and facilitating The Work, to stay out of the mind and come from the heart, and express myself from my enthusiasm. That is when I am a powerhouse and at my best. So thanks for this.



Heidi Fischbach said...

Open-hearted, tender-hearted Carol. Loved your letter to reader. You show me how to respond from heart without defense or justifying. Thank you.

Marianne said...

Hi Carol,

I just want to respond after watching Katie on Soul Series three times ~ I absolutely LOVED it ~

Of course, Oprah does her job of
being combative and interrupting and still there is connection!!!!

That is what I love about Katie...she meets people where they are and that builds trust...I loved the part when Oprah realizes that Loving What Is doesn't mean that you walk around saying yes to everything and not moving to do what you want (paraphrasing because I don't want to watch it a forth time).....and Oprah trusts Katie ~ it seems at that point Oprah reveals her own issues on weight and family (which isn't always easy for me to do...I wonder if it was hard for Oprah to talk about). Then seeing the conversation on how to say no with love was very helpful to me personally.

Love you,

Jon said...

I tend to agree with the person that wrote to you, but not disappointed, for me it was quite refreshing to hear BK 'fumble' around a bit with The Work - my projection - and of course, it was perfect, maybe especially perfect for intellectuals and fumblers listening to the show :-)

With love,